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Multi-Broadcaster Accounts.

What are Multi-Broadcaster Accounts?
Multi-Broadcaster accounts were added to iVlogTV to allow a "Network" of broadcasters to work together. Multi-Broadcaster accounts are predominantly set up for games, art, musical performance, chat and interactive topic shows, or a mixture of various.
As iVlogTV has a complex security algorithm to safeguard our site and our broadcasters it is against our Terms Of Service to share your account, either password or stream key, with another person. Doing so may cause your account to be locked out of many shows due to the IP address ban+ system in place with Pro Account broadcasters.
Being given a Multi-Broadcaster status removes this behavior and gives the owner permission to share the password and stream key with their Network of broadcasters and preventing their IP addresses being subject to a ban+. Please make sure the broadcaster has a Multi-Broadcaster badge before attempting to use their account!

How can I get this status?
You MUST apply to iVlogTV directly by email to be considered for a Multi-Broadcaster status. A Multi-Broadcaster status is not guaranteed as your account MUST qualify for the following:
1. Your account must not have previously been used by another user.
2. You cannot hold another Multi-Broadcaster account, be a broadcaster of another Multibroadcaster channel or previously had violations with another Multi-Broadcaster account.
3. The account you are applying for must be registered at least 2 months previous. *
4. The account must already be established on iVlogTV with at least 300 likes from doing multiple shows. *
5. Your other accounts must not have a history of TOS violations.
6. When applying, you must provide us with the username of your account you wish to convert to a Multibroadcaster account, a list of the users in your "Network", the approximate schedule for the shows, an admin username for the account, and the content/topic for the shows.
7. The users within your Network must also not have a history of TOS violations.
Failing any of the above requirements may cause your request to be rejected for Multi-Broadcaster status. This does not mean you are not welcome on iVlogTV and we will still ensure you are not negatively treated because of the account rejection. You may re-apply if your rejection reason is rectified, for instance if your account was created less than 2 months previous but now qualifies. Please note that you MUST NOT share your password until the application acceptance is complete and your account has the Multi-Broadcaster badge applied to the page.

* - If proof of establishment can be given, an expedited request may be considered.

What are the rules for this type of account?
Our Multi-Broadcaster Policy can be seen below:

Multi-Broadcaster Account Policy.

1. The account cannot be used to show any movies.
2. The account cannot be used to show TV shows.
3. Music videos are only allowed if the caster is also on screen or their voice can be heard over the music as this will be seen as a review of the video.
4. The current broadcaster must be signed in to the Multi-Broadcaster account.
5. The owner of the account accepts all responsibility for the content of the shows, however, the current broadcaster will also be approached for any TOS violations.
6. Multi-Broadcaster accounts cannot be transferred to another user.
7. All users using the account must be pre approved by iVlogTV before using the account, requests may be rejected depending on the status of the user, the status of the channel or a high frequency of additions to the list of broadcasters.
8. Multi-Broadcaster accounts may share their password and stream key with approved broadcasters only.
9. The account holder is responsible to request removal of unwanted broadcasters and request the change of stream key if required.
10. We will ONLY respond to requests from the admin account for changes to the Multi-Broadcaster account.
11. You can add up to 16 broadcasters to a Multi-Broadcaster channel including the Admin account.
12. We cannot add users to a Multi-Broadcaster account that are already a part of another Multi-Broadcaster channel.
13. We strongly encourage Multi-Broadcaster shows to be viewer interacitve. Accounts that are seen to have shows that appear to be automatic with a music playlist, or the broadcaster is away for long periods of time, or Terms Of Service violations will be removed from our feature rotation till we see regular interative content.
14. Any breach of this Policy or our Terms of Service may cause your Multi-Broadcaster status or the account to be removed from iVlogTV.

All other Terms Of Service rules apply to Multi-Broadcaster accounts and both are subject to change at any time.

For any questions relating to this policy or Terms of Service, please contact us via the online Support Ticket system or submit an e-mail to: [email protected]

iVlog.TV recommends that you check the Website periodically for any such amendments to the Multi-Broadcaster Policy or Terms of Service. iVlog.TV further recommends that you print a copy of this policy and the Terms of Service for future reference.


Updated: July 14th, 2022.